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@TaylorBoone Why is an explanation needed?  There was a flash, then the Master wasn't there.  We were seeing the scene from the Doctor's perspective, and he might have lost consciousness long enough for the Master to run out of the building.  But no, people just assumed that he got sucked back into the time-locked version of Gallifrey somehow (a version that, after the events of Day of the Doctor, shouldn't really exist).

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Capaldi and Moffat on the Master’s Gender Change


@TardisBoy is the Mistress "So why did the Master become a woman?"

Also, after so many years and so many new faces, sometimes you just really want to try something new on for size.

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Capaldi and Moffat on the Master’s Gender Change


@sir boxingtonYou're missing a key point here.  If there were no tarps covering seats, Everbank Field would be the fourth largest stadium in the NFL.  Now, consider that.  There's no way any team outside of somewhere like Dallas or Washington should have a stadium that large.  Since the seats aren't needed, they're removing them as permanent seats and adding amenities that will attract people and, more importantly, events to the stadium.

While you note the numbers for the Steelers adding to their stadium, let me point out an interesting fact: The Jaguars sold more home game tickets last year than the Steelers, by an average of nearly four thousand more PER GAME.  The Steelers are a team with a very long history in the same city, and recent Super Bowl victories, while the Jaguars last year were going 2-14.

Here's a nice set of numbers:

Notice that removing 7000 seats will actually put Everbank in the average for NFL stadiums (remove it from the total capacity), leaving it with more seating than Seattle's stadium still, or Pittsburgh's current maximum capacity, and still many more than Chicago (a team with a long history of its own).  Removing those seats means the tarps can go away, removing an annoying presence that looked bad.

If more seating is needed for an event, the new area in the north endzone can be restructured to add temporary seating, raising the capacity again.

It's a smart move, and a necessary move.  There were too many seats in that stadium for an NFL team not named the Cowboys or Redskins.

1 year, 7 months ago on Twitter Wars: Mike Florio vs The Jaguars Mascot