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Here's what I said on one of WOAI's pic referring to this final game approaching:

doesn't matter where the game is being played, just saw that LeBron (and as many others are) is nervous about Game 7 and the Heat should be. think about it, they never experienced a Game 7 in the FINALS (with the exception of Ray Allen who ended up not winning that year). Tim, Tony, Manu and Coach Pop have been in one before, even though it was at home, again doesn't matter WHERE Game 7 is being played. as long as they can FOCUS for the whole game (aka limit turnovers and fight for REBOUNDS) and hopefully not get worn out, they still got the chance to win.  I don't care about the odds, meaning about how rare it is to win Game 7 of the Finals on the road. if anyone can do it, it can be this Spurs team, they should come out with anger and hunger.

1 year, 10 months ago on NBA Finals: Game 6 a body blow, not a backbreaker for Spurs