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@Jackiesaurus Rex @Geoff Z@Jackiesaurus Rex @Geoff Z Yes, I know Gleason and I have lost 8 family members to hereditary ALS and I find it completely offensive. The smothering comment especially. Do you even have a clue what this disease is or how insensitive those comments are? By the way, I also have ALS. So yeah, I WILL complain and I'm glad they lost their jobs. They are all real jack asses. We, the ALS community "complain" because we refuse to lose our voices to idiotic people like this. We would get off the internet, but unfortunately, with people with ALS, this is how we communicate. EDUCATE YOURSELF before you think we are complaining. Indecent human beings and disgraceful to make fun of disabled people.  Makes me sick.

1 year, 9 months ago on Audio: Atlanta sports radio station mocks Steve Gleason