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Jay - I am with you completely on this one but I don't have any real evidence. I do know that K D Lang talked about this topic from a music career perspective at SXSW in 2006. Her theory of building an audience was circles. Your local market is the center and then you tour in ever widening circles outward from that center. You build a market by going back to the same venues over and over again until your audidence is too big for that venue, and then you move to a bigger venue, and at the same time you are widening your circle and moving to new markets. To me that totally makes sense and I know other (Canadian) musicians who are following the same road - just as you mentioned with your examples.

The music industry is a good parallel to blog audience because there is a never ending supply of great music because the barriers to entry in that industry are gone. No one needs a record label to record - they just need a computer. Distributing that music - completely easy. Making money from it - a different matter.

Just as we used to need a publisher to get our written word out there and now we don't. We just need a keyboard.

Have fun with this topic!

3 years, 6 months ago on To Build Blog Subscribers, Get Narrow-Minded


Great post Jay. I am not a social media person (I happen to be an accountant with a love of all things business), but I have spent hours and hours of my free time reading books and blogs and educating myself because this is a key business element. This weekend, a friend of mine who is the CEO of a small organization asked me where to start with social media. I gave him some recommended reading, and then asked him some questions - questions about who he was trying to reach, why, what messages, where were thoe people he wanted to reach (Facebook, Twitter, neither), did he want to dialogue or broadcast, etc.

His response was "good questions but I think we'll just hire a communications guy to write and dive into Facebook".

It might work but in my opinion, that is not exactly what is going to bring success.

There are a few brands who I follow who do social media very well. Your Simple Question is very, very good and something I will share!

3 years, 7 months ago on Nobody Said Social Media Should Be Simple


Love that you explained how the F page will be different. It motivates me to Like you there as well as following you on Twitter. Just linked this on Facebook so my friends who are small business owners can see how they can use the multiple channels to engage people.

3 years, 8 months ago on Finally Convince and Convert Gets All Effed Up