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@TreyThompson So because Braun doesn't look like a roid monkey means he isn't?  Roids aren't simply for building bulk - they allow athletes to bounce back quicker from workouts and thus train harder .  Baseball season is long and grueling, having some extra "juice" will allow you to handle the day to day grind of the season better.  Soreness, fatigue, etc. will be reduced, which almost certainly helps performance.  We simply don't know how long Braun was using or how much it helped him.  I'm sure he's a great baseball player without them, but I wouldn't be so quick to discredit the potential advantages he gained while using.

You're right about the thumb, it was a non-issue in the offseason but now that it's back, sell sell sell.  3 bombs last night?  SELL.  Of course intelligent owners know to stay away so you probably have to hold and hope...

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That is one hell of a cheat sheet, impressive work man. I can't believe you've got Bryce Harper that low though, I think this the year he and Strasburg fully arrive.

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