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I think the Kaner situation is really what holding this team back the most. he is our most dynamic player, not playing well because the guy just DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH HANDZUS. you can tell when he's amped by an increased skating swagger and more rapid stickhandling.

who cares about Chara. fuck that guy. challenge him. put toews and kane on the same line. they are good enough together that even the ugly ass of chara won't be able to contain them for the full game. they are not good separately right now, nor in the earlier series in the playoffs.

Here is how the lines should be:

bickell-toews-kane (other than the last minute post-hitter, big dick bickell has been invisible)




1 year, 10 months ago on Beantown Beating: Blackhawks Shut Out in Game 3 as Bruins Take 2-1 Lead in Stanley Cup Final