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An open tubular type clincher will work tubeless on a Stan's Notubes Iron Cross wheel..  The hubs on this wheel set are also ready to accept a 15mm or 9mm thru end cap. The rear can be changed to 10x135, 12x135, or 12 x142. Alpha 340 disc can also be converted the same way.  We are always trying to be ready for the next big standard.  Any questions on tubeless can always be sent to

1 year, 9 months ago on Thru Axles in Cyclocross: One Mechanic’s Take




We love having you talk tubeless and are always happy to see you write about the subject. However I think it is time to retire this article or to give it a significant update for 2013. Much of the information is dated.  Five years has seen significant progress in tubeless development.   Stan's best kept secret are no longer 29er mountain bike rims but specific models dedicated to Cyclocross. Wait a few days for some significant announcements from us and they all pertain to Cross.  The Iron Cross was selected as your Editors best choice award for disc wheels for 2013.  This wheel is superior to running a cross tire tubeless then all of our mountain bike wheels. Iron Cross can use any cyclocross tire tubeless.  No other company makes that claim about it rim.  The 355 had been discontinued for 2 years already. Our Alpha rims with a rim strip are a much better choice for cross the a 355. They are lighter, the tire performs better and the rim can also be used for road tubeless.   Both Hutchinson tires are no longer produced because of the problems those tires had with beads. Superior tires now exist.  Running tubeless is the  competitive advantage for all cross racers. We still have lots of riders to convince that tubulars are old technology that are no longer superior.  Muddying the waters with old information  sets the tubeless cause backward.  If anyone ever has questions about tubeless please email me at

1 year, 10 months ago on Going Tubeless in Cyclocross – Part I