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Ive had the optimus g since feburary of this year. I have to of this phone on my account. And since then ive had to buy three new phones because of how fragile the phones are. Im not ruff on phones. I normally keep phones for a long time. This phone is made of glass but glass doesnt break as easy as this phone. One phone i was trying to put protected cover on it and as i was trying to get it to fit the front screen cracked. I bought another phone and what was suppose to be the proper protected cover which is otter box. Not even two weeks later i droped it on the side walk with more sand then concrete and the sceen cracked. Once to screen crack the phone i no good. You can not use it anymore. In two months i had to pay 450 dollars for this garbage phone. I was told at the time of purchase that this one of the best phone ever. False advertisement. I refuse to buy another phone like this one. I want to speak to the corporate office to take this phone off the market.

1 year, 9 months ago on LG Optimus G Review (AT&T/Sprint)