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Critics who did not like Man of Steel would like to see Gary Marshall direct a Superman film. It seems that these critics who are self-proclaimed masters of the film industry think that there's no joy and no fun in Man of Steel. Let me prove them wrong by the following facts:

Fun and Joy Moments in Man of Steel (Warning Spoilers)

1.Jor-El almost incapacitating General Zod in Krypton during the Prologue (Russell Crowe was in Gladiator mode for the record.)

2.Superman fights Faora and the Giant Kryptonian in Smallville.

3.Superman shows enormous strength by flying through and destroying General Zod’s world engine.

4.Superman fights General Zod in Metropolis.

I understand that the critics were seeking more of Superman saving people from accidents and a love story between Clark Kent and Lois Lane but this scenario has been shown already several times in films and television in the past. What lacks from past adaptations would be the side of Superman where he fights villains as strong as he is and what would it look like if it is to be shown in film. This was the demand that people would like to see and Zack Snyder successfully filled that demand.

If these were not fun and joyful moments then these critics were looking for Princess Diaries!!!

Imagine what Man of Steel would look like if David Goyer, Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder followed the fun and joy moments these critics are looking for. It would be watching Clark Kent being groomed by Julie Andrews.

Too much? Too Big? Were the fight scenes exaggerated? Obviously, these critics do not know Superman. For your guide, this is how Superman fights his enemies. They crash to buildings in Metropolis. They engage fast power haymaker blows. They fly with such incredible speed… And for the very first time these fight scenes were put to film accurately by Zack Snyder. Have you seen Superman 2 where Superman (Christopher Reeves) battles General Zod (Terence Stamp) and the 2 Kryptonians. See how they fly? A bit awkward isn’t it. It’s a great film though but the point is Visual Effects in Man of Steel are legit. These improvements are always neglected by critics. They don’t even know basic sketching. Instead of giving deserved credit to today’s film Visual Artists, they are being neglected just because of an opinion of an incompetent critic who fails to appreciate how far Visual Effects today have improved and developed against visuals in the past.

Too dark? Critics who did not like Man of Steel just don’t get it. This film showed Superman’s struggles on what it’s like to live, to grow and be like a human being. Unfortunately, these critics are arrogantly in denial that all of us go through the same struggles in life. The fun and joy part of that is how Superman pulled himself up despite the struggles.

Man of Steel is a visually stunning action-packed Superhero film filled with realistic struggles. It’s not too much, too big nor too dark. It’s simply the best Superman film adaptation we’ve been all looking forward to see. And as far as the critics who don’t, “they just need to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.”

1 year, 9 months ago on Review: Man of Steel redefines the Superman we know