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@nursingray  YOU are right that the agencies shouldn't sign on to work with these MSP/VMS vendors...unfortunately they are generally the only game in town, or they take over for large systems where many of the agencies already have most of their business.  So to "not sign on" is effectively closing the doors.  This new way of doing business is killing the industry and suppressing wages...and you are seems like a conspiracy   You should read the info on the Arizona lawsuit that found that some associations are in fact price fixing..but its up to the nurses to take a stand on that...

1 year, 9 months ago on Why Small Healthcare Staffing Firms Should Take a Stand on VMS/MSP


As a small (previously Medium before MSPs) size staffing vendor who is required to be a vendor under the AMN MSP model (among others) I must stand firmly with Colleen Mills recent blog.  I have many years in this industry and the deluge of MSP/VMS systems has crippled the industry and has eaten away our profits and sales.  I network with many staffing firms and I know of NONE that would agree with this post by Mr. Livonius, and further none who have experienced any increases in sales or profits based on being part of an MSP.  

In addition to crippling us financially, it has created a barrior to our prior excellent relationships that we worked hard to develop over the years and has allowed in less-than-exemplary staffing firms simply because they are one on the "list" of the MSP awarded the program.  The most damaging MSP’s are the Non-vendor neutral programs, such as AMN’s. These create rate suppression and unnecessary administrative burdens on the staffing vendors that often result in the vendors losing their staff/temps to the MSPs.  And it lengthens the time it takes to get temps approved and working. 

I applaud Mrs. Mills on her blog and I, and many others in this industry stand firm in our stance that  “VMS/MSP companies pose many challenges for this industry, not the least of which include rate suppression, wage suppression, margin deterioration and a host of other ills.” (Quote from Colleen Mills Blog.)

1 year, 10 months ago on All Healthcare Staffing Firms Should Work Together to Embrace Best Practices With MSPs