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It could work. Here's why: Howard's career is about to become a huge waste unless he can get into a situation with a contender and do it ASAP. The Spurs present the best opportunity for that to happen. Duncan and Manu both have a couple good years left in them. They can restructure their contracts to make less money for 2 years to accommodate Howard. The Spurs and Howard would have an amazing opportunity to win it all those 2 years. Then, Duncan and Manu retire but Parker and Leonard and the supporting cast are still there and there is money to bring in another superstar and they are Western Conference contenders for years to come. Yes, Howard would have to buy into it but if he had any sense at all he would realize that this would present him with his best options to get 2 rings on his hand. Any other option is unlikely to yield a title for several years.

1 year, 10 months ago on Report: Dwight Howard has Spurs as possible landing spot