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I am sure NBA is thinking about awarding the trophy by popularity contest, with due weightage given to TV ratings.

Writers like this create the illusion that spurs are un exciting. When Spurs were focusing on defense TV guys said they were boring. Now we have upped it to "Catch me if you can" mode and still the Spurs are thought as boring. What are we supposed to scream and holler after we score a basket or do a la Garnett every now and then. Phoenix suns has more personality than Spurs according to TV folks. Tv guys (like Doug Collins) have some picture in their mind that Suns and Mavs are more fun to watch than the Spurs and paint it to the casual fans as such. I love the Suns(Nash) just quoted them as an eg since they are a small market team like the Spurs.

4 years, 2 months ago on Spurs news and notes: Spurs spoil the fun, Manu wants payback, and more