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It may be of interest (but possibly not) to know that a site of mine has been targeted for the last 6 days for a continuous negative SEO attack. A peek into the admin area shows 100's of pingbacks an hour for articles and comments and other types of link spam being posted. Currently in the region of 60,000 links and climbing by the hour. Nothing I can do about it.

Out of the 400 words or phrases my site ranks for, the 7 specific keyphrases that are being used exclusively as anchor text for this barrage started to slip after 4 days. They are heading down a few places a day. The other 393+ are not moving (well some are - but up as much as down) these 7 specifically are the ones Google is demoting. The chances or drawing 7 out of 400 in blind luck is trillions to one against - it's no coincidence.

This shows me two things. That link spam is now an effective way of achieving a negative SEO effect on competitors. This is not a good idea. For Google to have a system that benefits anyone for the production of spam is just plain messed up thinking and likely to come back and bite them on the behind.

But looking on the positive side it is giving me the chance to case study a full Google disavow cycle, including producing some resources that may be of use to others in a similar position.

However, i'll have to wait for it to stop before I can really start the process. Can't hit a moving target

1 year, 6 months ago on Penguin 2.1- What Has Changed?


Whoever wrote this list is a frikking moron. Woodcutting in Skyrim is a craft skill and adds value - allows you to sell the planks and make stuff IT'S AN RPG YOU  FECKWIT Crafting is a vital part of RPG. Have you played a game before you bufoon?

1 year, 10 months ago on Why Did They Add That? 10 Terrible Game Features