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Every NHL team seems to take a game off during the season; where they seem to only be going through the motions.  Bruins did this during their season.  Blackhawks haven’t (except for the Ice Hawks game) decided that game three of the SC finals are when to take it light.  Maybe Hoss being gone made that easier, or playing with line combinations that seemed to come from a 52 card pick-up game.  The team, except Craw, did not play well TOGETHER.  Let’s hope they play more periods like the first period of game two.

1 year, 10 months ago on Beantown Beating: Blackhawks Shut Out in Game 3 as Bruins Take 2-1 Lead in Stanley Cup Final


Enjoyed the breakdown, nice work.  I agree the three stars was horseshit!  My three: 1) Nik HJalmarsson (definitely!); 2) Bickell (was a significant force and played out of his mind); and 3) Hoss!

1 year, 10 months ago on Regicide: Hawks 3 Kings 2 (Series 3-1)