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I read this article with interest and agree with many of the points raised. I am a staffer in a facility that utilizes a great deal of supplemental staffing. For many years we worked directly with our vendors and over those years the better agencies distinguished themselves and therefore earned more of our business. I was involved with the contract negotiations and felt that we always hammered out a fair win/win agreement. Then one day about 1 year ago we were told by our financial officers that we would be going with a VMS program. No one in the nursing area had any input into this decision, it was thrust upon us with no warning.  We were assured that it would be a good thing for us and that nothing would change because we would basically keep all the same vendors. That was a lie, virtually everything changed.  I am not adverse to change  if that change represents improvement. What I have seen since we have been working with the VMS program  is a steady deterioration in the quality of service and the quality of nurses. I violated the policy and spoke with the agencies and they were candid with me , my facility was no longer a preferred client for them or their nurses because rates and terms were so unattractive. Their focus was with clients with whom they had win/win relationships. Thankfully my administration is seriously considering canceling the contract with this VMS program and going back to working directly with our agencies. They have told me that we will find some middle ground that everyone can live with and be happy with, in other words win/win . Alleluia!

1 year, 10 months ago on Why Small Healthcare Staffing Firms Should Take a Stand on VMS/MSP