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Better than Panzy, Ranzy!!!!

8 hours, 37 minutes ago on Five Questions on Barry Trotz


Why notz, let's get trotz?????

8 hours, 41 minutes ago on Five Questions on Barry Trotz


What's his hard on for Gardiner, don't get it! The kid friggen tries. All defenseman make mistakes. I guess every coach needs a whipping boy. Jake played well the last 12 games, everyone else mailed it in.

14 hours, 23 minutes ago on Randy Carlyle End of Season Presser


Think ill get see the famous "Chandalier" again before this epic presser???

1 day, 17 hours ago on Morning Mashup: Brendan Shanahan to be introduced as President today


and to think a month ago it was smooth sailing…….then "Playoffs right ahead"

Rest is history!!!!!  Love my Leafs, but we hit an iceberg!!!

5 days, 19 hours ago on NHL Draft Lottery Odds (updated: April 11)


I don't care what anyone we are STILL A BIG DEAL!!!! GO Leafs GO!!!!!

6 straight, here we come!!!!  

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Joffrey Lupul: Also confounded by Leafs’ defensive system


We win tonight, and go on to make the playoffs!!!!! I am bringing this chick as my date. We can both grow playoff beards!

Go Leafs Go!!!!!

3 weeks ago on @SharkClubDundas Game Day: Game #74, Blues at Maple Leafs