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Hi, Thanks for this, it's really useful.  I have a problem understanding the data I'm getting from Google Analytics. I set up a filter on the default profile about a year ago, aiming to exclude internal traffic.  It is a predefined filter to exclude traffic from a fixed IP address.


I also have a separate profile (called raw data) which doesn't have that filter.  I wanted to be able to compare the two and get an indication of how inaccurate my figures were before introducing the filter. 


When I look at the data from the past year, I find that the number of visits and visitors is indeed lower in the filtered data set. But I'm confused - why does this filter mean that the number of unique visitors is reduced by over 1200? Wouldn't it just be one (as I'm only filtering out one IP address?) And why are most of these filtered out visitors in a different location from where my workplace is?


Similarly, why are any of the 3000 filtered out visits made by people outside of the city where my workplace is?


Most strangely of all, when I compare the results for a custom report, looking at a specific set of pages on the website, I find that there were 11 fewer unique visitors in the filtered data than in the raw data, but when I specify the city, this difference is 19! How can this be? 


I'm obviously either doing something wrong with the set up or interpreting the data wrongly? Can you help me?

1 year, 10 months ago on Google Analytics: 21 Inaccurate Traffic Sources, Setup Mistakes …and Fixes