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During the "Dave Kerwin" era, Pat wrote a post about how focusing on the sniping and beanballs between the Brewers and Pirates was wrong, that the bigger issue was the Pirates were incapable of beating the Brewers in Milwaukee, and that is what we should be focusing on. Someone, and I apologize for forgetting who it was, left a comment that said "Is it still OK to want to chuck batteries at Ryan Braun?" I like to bring that to mind during games like this one because it keeps me from cussing as much.

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Very sorry for you and your family at this loss.

1 week, 5 days ago on


When I first watched this video I saw COL, so my dumb brain thought that stood for Colorado and slightly diminished the blast due to altitude. Then I woke up and realized this happened in Columbus. Oh My.

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This has ruined my day.

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He had the same thought when he immediately called for a replay when Pedro slid under his tag at home. Beating the Cardinals is so much fun.

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