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@leafmealone Phaneuf and Lupul for Willie Mitchell and a 1st round pick? How does this help us in anyway that trade is beyond terrible how do you even come up with such a scenario

5 months ago on Monday Mashup: Who gets the call?


So I guess Kunitz numbers aren't inflated playing with Crosby or how about Dupuis? This whole Bozak bashing should stop he's proven to be a solid top line Center doesn't need to put up 100 points to be good he's solid in many areas. Those who cry for Weiss or even Rebeiro are delusional they are def a downgrade over Bozak... 5 years 4 mill is wat I'm hoping for and sign Clarkson as well for around 4 million over 3-4 years

1 year, 9 months ago on <!--:en-->Leafs to use second Compliance Buyout on Grabovski<!--:-->


I'd like to see you try n replace Bozak for 3 million, any compatibles? Lol

Also Kessel isn't gonna want 7-9million the caps gone down Kessel will be 5-6 on a long term deal and Bozak will be 3.5-4.25 on a longer rearm deal which are solid numbers. Grabovski is getting 5 but the cap was higher before and he might be gone this summer anyway

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