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I was hoping that "Doc" was not going to announce any of the Hawks/Blues games. Unfortunately he did the game yesterday. For a while he seemed to be on his best behavior. I heard only a few "elevatored, there were no swishing or swirling pucks, there was potential for this to be quasi tolerable. 

But, true to form, he had to find a new topic of (self serving) interest and harped endlessly about the Olympics, the Olympians, Sochi, Gold Medals, Olympics blah, blah blah.
The Olympics came and went. Anyone that had any interest in them watched them and already knows who was there and on what team and whether they won or not. I do not give a single hoot how many Olympians were on the ice at any one give moment. 

These are the NHL Play-offs for the Stanley Cup. The Olympics were an interesting mid season distraction and are over and done.
Stay on topic and either keep your mouth shut or announce the game....THE GAME!.
Good grief....I will also offer one of my kidneys and I only have one good one.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon

Reply are killing us one game at a time. You make Don Cherry's wardrobe appealiing.

Just when we think it cannot possibly get worse you come up with an icing penalty. What?

OK, we expect you to throw down fire wagon line changes (?), squibing, ladeled, and forked pucks but what in the hell is soccered (kicked?) or shuffleboarded?

All of that did not prepare me to embrace the idea of Duncan Keith galloping at the puck (what the puck?) or a linesman being called a referee.

All of that and your carombing pucks are now careeming.....Doc, stop punishing us. Jeremy, take him out!

1 year, 1 month ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon


Actually he seems to be on his best behavior. 

Except for the constant flow of verbal diarrhea and occasional moronic observations (does the off wing matter as much as the announcers suggest?) I have not heard too many squibs, there have not been any forearms shivers, there have been very few puck shoveling almost seems like he is trying. 

That said, his constant babble makes us crazy..... he should be announcing the ice dancing where he could explain ad nauseum the concept of the swizzle.

1 year, 2 months ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon


How does a hockey puck squib????? Did Bickell sguib the puck to Seagate? Did Seagate squid the puck over Howard's shoulder?

Why was the puck"funneling" the other night? What makes the puck funnel? Can I do that too? With my stick, with my feet, my tongue?

Please make it stop. Please Doc please, read this feedback.  Please make it stop. 

NBC, make him go away.

1 year, 10 months ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon


This man is destroying our ability to watch the playoffs. You can hit, slap, hammer, drive, pass, shoot, pass, tip, deflect etc. a puck but you DO NOT shovel, pitch fork a puck. There are hit's, checks, elbows, knees but there ARE NO forearm shivers. We hate his announcing. It is so clear that he has no true hockey knowledge or vocabulary. He has invented a make believe lexicon for the American audiences. When we can we watch Hockey Night in Canada a listen to legitimate commentary. Ban him....please!

1 year, 10 months ago on The Doc Emrick Lexicon