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Great points.  As one who was laid off, I can say your advice is spot on.  The best advice I had gotten was from my former boss (company was sold, so he was no longer my boss even before I got let go).  He took me out for drinks after the layoff and urged me to take this as my opportunity to do something exciting with the time and figure out my passion.  That was good advice, and he didn't dwell on anything that made me worry about "what am I going to do???"  It's tough to get laid off, but there is life after a layoff!  I even wrote a post about it on my blog:

I just hope all of you out there who have been recently let go will have supportive people in your lives to help you pick yourself up and find the new thing that inspires you, drives you, and (importantly) pays you!

1 year, 5 months ago on What to Say (and What Not To) When a Friend Gets Laid Off


Good tips.  I think another good idea is to use interviews with customers or influencers as posts  or get a great guest blogger from time to time -- this brings in other voices from time to time to keep things fresh.

1 year, 2 months ago on 6 Reasons Your Blog Stinks (and How to Fix It)


Great tips.  I think one that some social media "gurus" frown upon have to do with automation -- like Hootsuite, use of, etc.  However, for a small business, this is just a smart way to maximize their social media efforts if they aren't ready to outsource to an agency or bring on a full-time inbound marketing specialist.

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Great advice. It is easy to let one great client become the one big client.  A change in personnel and bam -- your champion may be gone, and so may you!

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To what degree do you think Google authorship markup is currently influencing SEO (if at all right now)?

1 year, 3 months ago on Latest SEO Tips for Higher Google Rankings


One of my favorite features with LinkedIn company pages is to the targeting on the services section.  Being able to put geography specific messages, messages based on industry -- that's gold!  

1 year, 3 months ago on Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Small-Business Profile


 @RandyHilarski I think some automation is OK, but you are right that people will get the most from their social media profiles when there is engagement instead of just broadcasting.  It can get very difficult for a small business to make time to effectively manage social media; however, many small business people can be reluctant to outsource -- either budget concerns or fear of delegating the task.  Maybe for those people, a good compromise would be to work with a content coach who helps them plan their social media/blog editorial calendar.  That same person could, perhaps ,help by "listening" for engagement opportunities and pass those along to the small business owner for follow up.  I don't think this is the ideal way to do it -- but maybe a baby step that leads to finally just outsourcing it.

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Love the tip to alter your routine.  Summer is a great time to experiment and try new things that can help you be more creative.

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