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@PenGeno Shelly Anderson said he was in a walking boot the other day..but who knows....

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Eddie O. needs some free candy.

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Let's play "What are the Lines?" -- albeit making some assumptions about player, assume to start first game of Round One: Martin is back and Malkin is back and Vitale is back and Goc is back.....and no one else gets hurt, but Letang is still waiting. How do you set up the Blue Line? I think Bertuzzo has earned a top 6 spot, so Englend sits, and roll with Bertuzzo-Orpik, Martin-Scuderi, Matta-Niskanen? Where do you put Bennett whose skill could be wasted on the 3rd or 4th line? I put him on the third centered by Sutter with Gibbons on the wing...and a 4th line of Adams-Goc-Vitale/Englend/Megna/warm six of Iron.....But what do I know....what says the collective wisdom of TPB?

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No way to paint over the ugly of the post-Olympic play so far....It's like a nightmare, it just keeps getting worse and worse...BUT, getting back Martin, Malkin, Bennett, should make a positive difference. If Letang comes back, all the better. No saviors coming to shore up the bottom six this year...but if you go into the playoffs with healthy Malkin, Crosby, Kunitz, Neal, Martin, Letang, Niskanen...and the goalie play is solid, well in the East you have a punchers chance. Ride or Die....

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So - looking forward - what are the line combos assuming Pens get back Beau, Letang and Martin? If there is a just and sane world - Vitale is off the ice, right? Put Beau on the third line? As for the blue line - don't you need to have the physicality of either Despres or Bertuzzo in the playoffs? Got me.....but hopefully they will get 5-7 games all healthy to work out something.....#rideordie

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