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I don't mean making trades now, this minute, after 8 games......but I do mean that decision should be made to blow it the fuck up (to the core).  Once the decision is made, then develop a plan and initiate trade talks.  Pull the trigger closer to the trade deadline for top picks.....and again at the draft (again, go for top picks).  Nonis may need to be let go sooner than later because I'm not sure he's the man to get this done (not sure Dubas would be Shanny better have a guy in mind).  Fire Carlyle near season's end and have the new GM pick his coach.  Draft, draft, and draft high.  Keep Bernier, Rielly, Nylander, Percy, and Leo.  Everyone season.

It will be a long process....but the decision needs to be made to gut the core and do a proper rebuild...and do it right!!  None of this half assed tinkering retooling on the fly bullshit.  Blow it up and blow it up good!!

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Monday Mashup: Picking up where they left off


This Carlyle / Gards stuff is really getting old, imo.  Same shit at the beginning of each of the past 2-3 seasons....and by season's end he ends up being one of our top dmen.  Wish we could just move on from it, allow him to develop his skills on the ice instead of from the press box, and focus on other areas of the team that need attention.

6 months ago on Friday Mashup: Wings back to back on deck