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Imagine that you are a log-time and regular customer of the restaurant and you have had a reservation for several days for a nice, quite dinner. But when you arrive your table is squeezed by others to make room for a group of noisy celebrities who have little regard for the others in the restaurant, all of whom are similarly crowded and annoyed - and all of whom have had reservations for several days.

Added to that, the service is lousy because the new group called in at the last minute, not giving the  restaurant manager time to bring in other servers (if he could find them at the last minute) and the kitchen ran out of food because they didn't have time to order for 13 more at the last minute.

If I were the restaurant manager I'd have done exactly as Kelly English did. After all, Memphis probably will never see Tony Parker and his entourage again, but those customers who would have been displaced are regulars. They won't forget.

I salute Kelly and wish him well. Next time I'm in Memphis, I'll stop in for dinner - if I can get a table. And if I can't, I'll know that this little episode had no effect on the reputation of the restaurant - other than to enhance it in the community in which it operates all year. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Editorial: Memphis restaurant denying Parker service still comes up empty in win column