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The cannabis community needs to make a conscious effort to destroy the stereotypes, I cringe every time I see Hollywood's rendition of a cannabis user, always degrading.

2 weeks ago on Denver Activists Launch Responsible Cannabis Consumption Campaign


I wonder if politicians ever think of how they'll be viewed years from now, upholding draconian drug laws that are wrong on so many levels.

2 weeks ago on Sorry but Texas Is Not Legalizing Cannabis


I hope Karen Lewis runs and kicks Rahm's ass, we need common sense, not more Reefer Madness propaganda.

2 weeks ago on Chicago Mayoral Contenders Talk Cannabis Legalization


I wish Terry would shoot her with something other than a camera.

1 year ago on Terry Richardson – Another Miley Cyrus Photoshoot


Looks like a cross between Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

1 year, 4 months ago on MEDICOM TOY – BE@RBRICK Mug