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Looking back on how out of control this whole Iris/Tony Parker thing has become, I'm sure Kelly wishes he would have handled it differently but at the time it happened, I would be willing to bet he never once thought anyone outside of us extremely proud Memphians would be talking about this. You need to understand the atmosphere in our city right now and exactly how Restaurant Iris and Kelly English work. Our city, including Kelly, is beaming with pride right now. We have NEVER had any type of national success like this so it is all new to us. A city that is thick with racial tension is finally behaving as a city of one and it's all because of the excitement behind our Grizzlies and the grit and grind of it all. You can feel the lack of tension in the streets, you can see the joy on everyone's face around town. It's like we are a city full of kids at Disney World. We are experiencing something new to us and we are beyond ecstatic!!! So when Kelly was unable to give Tony Parker a table and someone asked about it, maybe he should have done a better job explaining what happened for all of you non-Memphians to understand but all of us Memphians, who know that it is impossible to walk into Iris and get a table, knew his We don't bluff tweet was just a joke. I've met Kelly several times while dining in his restaurant and he is an incredibly welcoming and humble host. I'm sure he meant nothing more than to answer the question and put a little Go Grizz sentiment in there too. I'm also sure he never imagined this would be getting national attention since it doesn't deserve it. Point is NO ONE gets a table at Iris by just walking in. It's been years since you could do that there. As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten there in almost a year and a half because I don't plan well and never think about reservations anymore than a week in advance. I have tried 4 or 5 times to get a table in that time frame and haven't been able to but I'm not mad at Kelly, I'm mad at myself for not planning it right. Maybe he should have tweeted about it differently but you can't fault any of us for our excitement in a city that needed this so bad. We are proud of our Grizzlies and we are out of control. Maybe the next time we make it to the Western Conference Finals we will be able to handle it differently but this is our first rodeo and we are insane with pride for our team!

1 year, 11 months ago on Editorial: Memphis restaurant denying Parker service still comes up empty in win column