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Once again more moronic drivel from the pjd site.  birk is a fascist?  lol   funny stuff.  and also a dickhead? a pro bowl hall of gamer DH for the record dipshit.  just cuz he took a stand against something he feels strongly about, just like your friend kluwe did.  but we aren't afforded the same airtime it seems on your site.  once again a site that has nothing to do with football.  moderator and site needs a giant douche.  off the internet.  for those that email me just lettin ya know they just go to spam and get automatically deleted.  go vikes.  and pjd, pls find a different team.  even our guy 28 isnt on the same page as your left wing liberal pro abortion same sex comments.  that would bother me if i was using his namesake on a webpage dope. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Jeff George is Now Christian Ponder's Teacher


who is the moron who hosts this site?  nothing better to do than side up with 28 and pretend youare a friend?  im not sure how he gets on the msn vikes site but he should be banned.  what a dope.

1 year, 11 months ago on You Can Buy This Vikings Short Bus This Weekend