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I'm an AB A first guy. There is plenty of room for the Hawks to win this series. Detroit is playing rope-a-dope trap hockey, which is hoping for a break hockey, so the Hawks are going to carry play. If they work the puck into the scoring areas & make Howard move to make saves then they'll be fine. If they don't then it come down to who got the breaks. In games 3 & 4 they did. I'm much more comfortable not being in the position of needing a break, that's too random.

1 year, 11 months ago on Flipping Out


Right on it in regards to the optimism. I would be able to make a case if the Hawks were playing their game, but they aren't since Q was hell bent on them playing more "gritty". Can you imagine Bill Walsh going to the 49er's after winning a playoff game and saying we need to start playing smashmouth football now. Q wanted more from them after round one and I get it, but it should have been in the form of more speed & willingness to work in the middle of the ice & not to become a "heavy" (I hate that buzz word) team. That's not what this team does well. FFS he should go back to St. Louis if that's what he wants.


They are putting pressure on Detroit's D & they are coughing up pucks but Detroit's forwards are doing a great job of staying in their zone to help keep that damage to a minimum. The Hawks aren't fighting for the center of the ice either, but are content to stay along the boards. I would love to see a shot chart, but the eye test says that a huge percentage of shots are coming from outside the dots or the blue line with little to no traffic, which means a bunch of warm up shots for their goalie.


I don't understand why Toews is so upset. He had respect from refs before this series, so if they're going to hold & interfere with him up & down the ice go; he should have calmly went and talked to a ref & if that didn't work just play through it. It's not like it's the first time some team has done this to him. I know people are pointing to the second 2 on 1 but to me the first was a huge indicator of how little confidence he has right now. He normally would have went right around the D man coming or passed off, instead he gave Howard an easy save. Can he be saved? I don't know, if he takes the same mindset he has when they play the blues of not being frustrated by getting run at constantly then these little hold and interferences won't matter and just plays the game then yes definitely he can put this team on his shoulders and will them along. If he doesn't let go of the frustration then he's done for.


Will they win out? No one knows & there isn't anyone that can say otherwise. They could play perfect hockey now & still lose. There is only one thing that is 100% for sure, they better win out or there is going to be a lot of tough scrutiny of what that team is.

1 year, 11 months ago on The Fat Lady is Warming Up: Blackhawks Fall 2-0 in Game 4, On Brink of Elimination