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Ok, look, I wasn't expecting much out of Costa... but I was expecting more than THIS. :-/

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Meh. I think it's stupid to use such an outdated position myself, but let's be real: Stuff done outside the season doesn't mean jack. 

Now if they both make the final 53 roster cut this fall along with Havili, I'll be mad. That'll be a stupid move. But until then, this doesn't mean anything.

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@bradicus18  I've always felt that Twitter users are quite properly called "Twits", but the problem is I'd be dissing myself with that... :-S

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Another weird thing: For those of us who still have RSS feed readers (OMG, AJ_, drop the past and come into the present! Do you still use a 486??), old story links republished as if they were published today. I ended up with the "Colts sign Carson Wiggs...", "Hot Takes on Jim Irsay", "Carlie Irsay-Gordon...", "ICYMI:", and "Draft Order Finalized" stories show up again with today's date. 

This, by the way, is not a big deal, and I don't expect it to be treated as such. It's probably just an unexpected artifact of the migration. But I figured I'd point it out to illustrate to folks that there might be unexpected behavior for a day or so, and they shouldn't worry too much about it.

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Look, I love the guy 'cause he wears the horseshoe, but still... I just wanna know why it takes Castonzo a half hour to grate a block of Romano. I mean... I know it's a slow, boring task, and dammit, it's messy to boot, but 30 minutes?? :)

1 month ago on ICYMI: Jim Irsay Arrested and Colts sign K Carson Wiggs


This is one of those cases to where it's not even worth our time to pay attention to what pundits outside of Indiana - the self-congratulatory, holier-than-thou amen chorus at that KSK story definitely included - are saying over this. To them, Irsay's not a person and this isn't a narrative about addiction. To them, it's an excuse to soapbox, and are they ever taking advantage of the chance to bloviate. 

I'm not even giving them the opportunity to waste my time. They'll all have moved on to some other topic du jour well before Irsay even completes his rehab stint. And will have found something else to be exhaustingly supercilious about.  

1 month ago on Hot Takes on Jim Irsay


And yes, this is sad. I'm just glad it's not turned into a tawdry insult-fest, even from other fans (Yes, there are folks out there cracking jokes, but I'm thankful it's standard, transient humor on the 'net, not maliciously intended insult). 

To digress a bit: I'm actually impressed by the general reaction I've seen so far. No one's made excuses, no one's invoked any double standard, and no one's even thought about laughing this off as just a guy who partied too hard one night and got busted. Instead, everyone's properly serious about the extent of the violation yet not hyperbolic in what they think should happen. Just about everyone I've read and heard from has said "get help" rather than "rot in jail". And that reflects well on Irsay because he's not a figure for hate. In a case like this for other public figures, people with axes to grind come out in droves. But that's simply not happened here. And I believe its because he's generally well respected. 

That speaks well of Irsay and also speaks well of the Colts fanbase. 
Yes, this is sad, but thankfully he's in a position to get the help he needs.

1 month ago on Update: Jim Irsay Charged with Four Felony Counts of Possession


@MarcusDugan  Eh, don't worry about it. It's the innerwebz. As long as you make occasional nods towards grammatic propriety, you'll be ahead of 3/4ths of the rest of the 'net. :)

1 month ago on Update: Jim Irsay Charged with Four Felony Counts of Possession


Yeah, the 2016 cap year is going to be the most interesting one in accounting terms. I don't envy any GM's task at having to manage that. 

1 month ago on Breaking Down the Colts' Free Agent Contract Structures


Ahhh, Kravitz. Tweet from him this morning:

"For years, the Colts have been trying to get Irsay back into rehab. At the very least, tried to talk him into getting a driver. No luck."

He'd better hope the Colts don't contradict him and deny that, or there will be hell to pay for that Tweet.

That said, I actually believe it's plausible that the organization would do that. They seem to work to take care of their own. But again: If the Colts issue a rebuttal, Kravitz is going to catch hell from fans. For his own sake, he'd better be able to back that statement.

1 month, 1 week ago on Jim Irsay Arrested on DUI and Drug Possession Charges