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I couldn't love this pickup more if it made me a steak dinner. 

We get to kick the tires on a big-time talent with something to prove, and if it works out we've got the first bite at signing him to a longer deal. Nicks is only 26 years old, if he pans out he could be a long-term replacement for Reggie, whose deal is up next year and probably won't be signing a big-money contract if he continues on after this season. Plus it takes the heat off Reggie to be stellar from day one and opens things up for TY to do what he does best. Add D-Wayne and Fleener to the mix and Luck is going to have his pick of targets. 

Now go get a center so he has time to throw!

1 month, 1 week ago on Colts Sign WR Hakeem Nicks to a 1-Year Deal