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@ryanschwan @MikeDatTiger Yeah but the Fellowship continues to win without Gandalf being. Is the Fellowship better without Gandalf? Should Elrond consider a trade of Gandalf for Saruman?

But yes, Gandalf has to take on the Balrog. And it would have made no sense for the Eagles to just take Frodo to Mount Doom.

1 month, 1 week ago on In the NO Podcast Ep 209: Playoff Dogfight


@ryanschwan New podcast: In the Middle-Earth. You guys discuss whether Elrond could make some trades to upgrade the hobbit part of the Fellowship's roster and whether Gandalf rotating out of the starting lineup to deal with the Balrog was a good use of his minutes.

1 month, 1 week ago on In the NO Podcast Ep 209: Playoff Dogfight


I've never been angered so much by this podcast as when I heard the JRR Tolkien/Power Rangers thing. Now I'm in a state of pure nerd rage.

1 month, 1 week ago on In the NO Podcast Ep 209: Playoff Dogfight


"I love the idea of teams having to sell themselves to rookies."

But I think it would be more than rookies. We see in college sports how the big programs are recruiting younger and younger. Would NBA teams be prevented from recruiting until the kids declare they want to enter the league?

Even putting NCAA amateurism arguments aside, I don't know that we want NBA owners showing up at the doorsteps of 15 year old kids (who tend to lack strong socio-economic resources) with a Cadillac and a paper to sign. Do we prevent gifts to these kids? Do we put limits on phone calls/texts/emails etc.? How are we policing this?

1 year, 3 months ago on Fixing the System: Set Everyone Free


The only promotions I see on the calendar are a kid's jersey, a kid's drawstring bag, mardi gras beads, and a pelicans car chargers. Maybe I missed one, but c'mon. the Zephyrs are able to have better promotions. Especially with the injuries and the need to attract people, we need some better promos. t-shirts, bobbleheads, caps, etc. Give the fans something to wear around town. The Dallas Stars just changed logos, and I get emails all the time from them about swag at games that fans can wear. Pels need to step up.

1 year, 4 months ago on Trew 2 the Game #24: Where is the Confetti?


Great post. How much of this do you think is related to Anderson's absence? Watching the games, it seems like Stiesma has been sitting out in the Dumb Zone a lot, unable to effectively guard threes but getting blown by for shots at the rim. If his minutes could be reduced via Anderson return, I wonder if that could help an improvement as much as increased chemistry will.

1 year, 5 months ago on The Pelicans Defense – and why they can’t hold a lead


@perlick29 Give Simmons a pass on the Holiday stuff. I'm a Pelicans fan and I was able to devote my attention solely to twitter and local beat reporters to figure out what had happened and I still couldn't do it. Initial reports were it was Philly's 2014 but there was a lot of back and forth before it was confirmed to be NO's

1 year, 10 months ago on Video: Doc Rivers would like to call Bill Simmons an idiot


I don't know if the Oladipo scenario is so crazy, especially with Woj tweeting that Wiz are split between Porter and Bennett and that Charlotte likes Zeller, as does Phoenix. I think it'd go like this:

1. Len

2. Noel (I think Magic really Noel as a way to tank for 2014. Great upside + ping pong balls is irresistible if he's there).

3. Bennett (or even really Porter)

4. Zeller

5. McElmore

6. Oladipo.

The nice thing about this scenario is that's not totally off from the rumors and has some flexibility. For example, the Suns could easily pick Porter at 5. We could also see a 3. Porter, 4. McElmore 5. Zeller

I do think the scenario is contingent on Len and Noel going 1 2 and someone liking McElmore. I tend to think he won't be there at 6; the potential is going to outweigh the issues before he reaches us

1 year, 10 months ago on Final Mock Draft: New Orleans Pelicans in Position to Grab a Floor General


One problem you don't discuss is fan perception. Stashing our #6 pick overseas sends the message that we're tanking again. While that may be smart (assuming we keep our 2014 pick), I'm not sure how pleased the fans are going to be about it.

1 year, 10 months ago on Everything You Need to Know About Dario Saric (Updated)