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We're not much for buzzwords but  think that choice of words matter.  

Hubspot coined inbound, and now, Content optimization system .... both new terms for the marketers lexicon

1 year, 7 months ago on Context Marketing Is Newest Social Media Buzz


Peg, You hit the nail squarely on the head in so many places.  YES, have a republication policy and YES insist infringers take your content down.

We think about this topic a lot.  To  bloggers who have given up:  the tools are out there to help you, so use them ... don't give up!

1 year, 8 months ago on How to Protect Your Blog Content


THanks for a great review of the subject, Chris!  I learned something from you note about using a tweet as a time stamp, and that social media is the new postmark.  

1 year, 9 months ago on How to respond to plagiarism and copyright violation (US version)


Nice review ... we are already big fans of Jay!  

Now for that example:  We had a commenter on our blog who had a duplicate content problem that our post addressed but didn't solve.  We tried 5 different ways to help him in the comments.  We got our IT guy to give him an answer.  

Who knows if he will buy our service ... and who cares.  Anyone who encounters the blog will know that our company lives "Youtility".

1 year, 9 months ago on 10 Ways Jay Baer’s New Book, Youtility, Will Change Your Life


I also heard Mitch Joel on #blogchat, and I am glad you followed up w this post.  It came off as a bit elitist, but I really don't think that's the right takeaway.

Here's the thing:  his biz dev doesn't depend on engaging his blog commenters.  If you are all about thought leadership and harpooning your next big enterprise client ... then what's the downside to the MJ approach?   He has arrived ... and while he might not have started out this way, he is an A lister and other A listers talk about his posts.  He can actively network for biz dev off the blog (twitter, conferences, etc.) ...  the media will review his books and firms will hire him regardless.  Like Seth Godin.

Building "community" is clearly not the goal.

On a company blog I manage, just this week I  had a  commenter post a real life problem related to the company's product in the comments ... he also  became a customer of the company's product.  Ignoring that would be bad business.  Hopefully helping this one reader helps others, and creates some WOM

Guess it depends on blog/biz goals!  Agree w Sandee on this one!

-- Rhonda (@icopyright)

1 year, 9 months ago on Should Bloggers Respond to Comments?


We came late to this kerfuffle but just wanted to weigh in with one final thought.  

In our experience -- and we have lots of experience in this area, -- bloggers feel outrage when posts are scraped word for word, without attribution.  Unfortunately, this happens a lot in the blogosphere, and there is no question that the folks who do that kind of scraping lack integrity.

Where one blogger's inspiration begins and another's blogpost ends, is yet another thing entirely.  We bloggers are constantly getting inspiration from one another. Most bloggers are happy to play a role in that.

So yes, by all means, give attribution ... but let's be real.  You did not deprive another blogger of income ... or steal their SERP's by virtue of duplicate content, or lift content word for word.   Nothing remotely like that happened.

Now, off to get us one of those attack squirrels.  We have our own trolls to deal with:)

1 year, 11 months ago on Four Tips for Dealing with a Plagiarism Accusation