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@awkwardsport @sdutPosner@awfulannouncingI think Hacksaw went to Phoenix or something.

1 year, 2 months ago on Dan Sileo has been hired by a San Diego sports talk station


Arlo White and his sidekick are the only NBC commentators doing live games, right?  The rest are whoever is pushing out the Premier League International Feed...which is exactly what FSC did.  The only noticable difference that I noticed was that NBC showed more of the teams lining up in the tunnels and post-game handshakes than FSC did.

Aside from that, I thought the NBC Studio crew was better than FSC, but it's still early.

1 year, 8 months ago on NBC's Premier League coverage impresses a newbie


I've often said that play by play guys are a holdover from the days where radio was the primary means of keeping up with a live game.  In radio, the play by play guy has to paint a picture with his words so the listeners can visualize the action.  

I've never understood what their role is on television.  Some things need to be said and the color guy shouldn't be the only one wielding a microphone.  Like the article said, there's no blueprint for great play by play, but I find that a lot of the times, they feel that they talk just to hear themselves talk.  So many times, I've either muted the TV or wanted to, just because it's just too much.  IT'S TELEVISION...I CAN SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING WITHOUT YOU TELLING ME EVERY MINUTE DETAIL! 

British soccer guys usually do a good job.  Sometimes everything that needs to be said has been said and you're left with several minutes of them just calling out the players names that are in possession of the ball.  It's perfect.  

Chris Fowler and the McEnroe brothers did a fantastic job over the last two weeks and I'm glad this article was written commending them.  Chris Fowler didn't ruin the moment by trying to build up the moment when it was apparent.  And it was more than just that point.  The whole game was like that.  Murray went up 40-0 with Championship Point #1 and they hadn't said a word.  It was when Djokovic began a rally that the silence was broken.  

It was perfect.

1 year, 9 months ago on Silence is golden for ESPN booth during Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph


So what's next for Ian Darke?  Is he going to be part of the regular rotation of english speaking broadcasters for the Premier League world feed, or back to Sky Sports (where he still calls boxing matches) or is he possibly going to NBC? 

1 year, 11 months ago on Ian Darke & Steve McManaman say goodbye with classic outtakes