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First, I agree that G+ being a simpler tool makes it more adoptable. I'd like to point out that its accessiblity also helps drive its success. If you don't already have Google set as your home page, chances are you go there at least a couple times a day and this puts G+ in front of your face regardless of whether that was your original internet destination. Why not check your notifications while researching that strategic business plan your boss wants on her desk by tomorrow morning? It will only take a second...

However, it's a little scary to think that quality of content would be based on popularity though. I see how this can help Google become more relevant, but why not start by parterning with sites that already generate this type of behavior? If using social networking to improve site relevancy is really the goal, then established networks like Yelp, UrbanSpoon and TripAdvisor are great examples of cultivating user opinion/using it in a way that affects search results. Instead, Google recently made the decision to only use their own content for Google Places - See:

I love Google, too... just sayin' they don't always play fair and that makes me hesitant to become a cheerleader before I see how this all plays out. Twitter: @JuliaFiedler79

3 years, 8 months ago on Social Frosting, Google Plus, and SEO – a Conversation