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Crister, I love your post! As a young female professional who recently moved to a new city for a job, I can relate to so many of the points you raise. Like you, my privacy settings on Facebook are high and I don't friend anyone without some sort of trusted connection. It’s definitely difficult at times to figure out what to share and where to draw the line. Being new in town, I've used social networks to make connections and grow my social network in the city. But at the same time, being new and not having as strong of a support system around me makes me really think about the information I’m sharing. That being said, I love your view on location-based social networks like Foursquare. I'm so happy you pointed the other side of the argument, in contrast to people it to be "creepy" to post where you are and what you're doing! I’m a huge fan of Yelp and Foursquare, but I never thought of "checking in" as a safety precaution. Great advice I’ll definitely start using! Thanks!

3 years, 8 months ago on How a Single Professional Female Practices Safe Social Media