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All your points here are great ones - and I'd even venture to say that the little Metsies are not (right now) that bad of a ballclub. The Bucs (and their fans) need to turn their minds off from last year and get to playing for a 2014 post-season berth soon or it just won't happen.

I loved what you say about Cole. He went out today and pitched like a #1 who saw the magnitude in today's game. In retrospect, Hurdle would have been wise to have let him have a shot of starting (and possibly finishing) the 9th inning. This business with seemingly having to turn the game over to your closer in every closely held lead in the final inning gets mighty stale to me.

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What about Tabata's possible concussion? 

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I'm sorry you and  your family obviously lost a great man. Your baseball games in the basement remind me of similar times I had with a wonderful uncle who was handicapped with cerebral palsy but absolutely loved baseball. We wore out two Stratomatic games in the mid to late '60s. Thanks for your memories helping me remember my own. Your grandfather will be speaking with Bob Feller often in the coming years.

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No mention here about possibly seeing Stolmy P as a spot starter as we get deeper into the season. I thought that was a certain possibility from some comment made as the team broke from ST. Am I off base on this idea?

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Yes, it's only one day but I am so relieved. Edinson can do the job as a 5th starter (or better!) given his first two appearances. The Taillon news is a setback but not one to get all hangdog about. MLB pitchers can come back from TJ surgery now better than ever if it all heals and the pitcher does his part in rehab. I'm all the more excited about '14 now that we saw Volquez today at PNC and AJ at Wrigley!

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Why does it seem that Bucco batters aren't putting good wood on the ball - a slow start or a harbinger of things to come? If like last year offense was such a problem at times, especially early on, with so many Ks for out too. Winning 1 run games is fun and exciting but it's also just more pressure put onto the pitching arms, especially the bullpen.

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103.8% capacity too! If they could have stuffed another 167 warm bodies into PNC they could have hit 40K. There must have been some more space, maybe in the women's restrooms, to get another 167 folks some standing room! Haha. Beat 'em Bucs!

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I'm not a Barry Bonds fan (I too, haven't forgiven him for his weak throw when Sid Bream scored) but I respect the Pirates for asking him to attend and kudos for Barry to take them up on the offer. 

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