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Wish they would stop putting these stupid fucking automated commercials on the web page.  I click the play button to watch the video about the screw up at the station during OT.  But all I hear is play by play hockey from a small ad on the right side of the screen that starts by itself.  Finally located the source and stopped the video from playing.  So, I restart the video the story was about and another god damned ad starts up in another window near the bottom of the fucking page that is so loud it droewns out the video that I am TRYING to watch.  Fuck off with your sleazy attempts tom push some god damned product I could care less about.  These automated ads are becoming the norm and i fucking HATE THEM and HATE the IDIOTS that killing their sites with this TRASH!!!!  Time to start spreading a few viruses to these sleaZe bags and let them figure out how to get their web pages up and running again!!!

1 year, 10 months ago on NBC Austin affiliate misses Game 4 Blackhawks OT winner


Fuck off Rodman, you were and still are a publicity hound and crazier than a bag of cats!

1 year, 11 months ago on Self-made "diplomat" Dennis Rodman rips President Obama on North Korea