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"really, truly do not care"

You're also the same genius who didn't care about Puig and continues to downplay what he has done. You're a great resource.

12 months ago on Brian Wilson, Los Angeles Dodger


@EephusBlue @Michael G1 He pickin' on tribeguy. He bad. He bad. ME NO LISTEN!

12 months ago on Your Worst Nightmare: Brian Wilson, Dodger?


Here's the deal: I'm starting to question Kershaw's authenticity as a human being.

10(?) Dodgers fans waited for him outside of Kimmel's show for 3-5 hours.

When he finally arrived then left the show we begged him for a signature. He started to walk toward us then peeled away despite our cries of "we've waited for HOURS, man!" He entered his car then it sped out of the area.

Look... I've seen Tom Cruise sign things and interact  in that exact area for an hour with a much, much larger crowd. I've seen  Will Smith do it. They're both infinitely more famous than Kershaw.

It reminded me that he has pulled similar crap in spring training, but those incidents were almost forgivable because we weren't there for him alone. In this scenario he was there during an off day to promote himself and we waited for him alone.

Think about what we know about this guy: that African stuff that he does is his *wife's* pet project-- and probably makes for a sizable tax writeoff for him and great p.r.

The guy is a fraud. I'm sorry.

12 months ago on Your Worst Nightmare: Brian Wilson, Dodger?