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I have been doing Franchise System SEO for many years - first client in 1998.  We are faced with this problem on a grand scale... 200, 300 sometimes 1000 locations all wanting to rank in local search for the same phrases.  Yet we must find a scalable solution that preserves the brand's integrity.   Usually when I first do the audit for a system, they are being demolished by duplicate content and suffering due to online marketing literacy at the branch level.  On the SEO side, I see no structured markup, no canonical links to a main sitemap....and everything else....basically a fiasco. The search and social ecosystems do not help .  There are few child/parent relation managers online, meaning that you either have to control the system centrally or let the branch offices "have at it.  I'd welcome debate/input and such on this post which attempts to describe the "ideal multi location franchise" in 2013...

2 years, 2 months ago on Manage Content, Social Media, and SEO without Duplication


Very few consultants are going after the sub $500/month adwords customers anyway. Sadly, this will mean that many merchants will have these auto-accounts operating at around 70% of potential and assume that they're giving it their best shot. MOST of the serious Adwords wins I have in my consultancy are from thinking outside the broad-match-box and taking control back from Google.

3 years, 8 months ago on Google's New AdWords Express Takes the Work Out of Creating Ad Campaigns