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I'd have to go classic and say Connery. I've always thought he was the best. All the others seem to have trouble seperating their "swagger" from cheesy pretentiousness. I definitely had trouble watching Brosnan as Bond (never thought he was tough enough to pull it off), and while Daniel Craig is simply "fine", he seems to have trouble ever smiling. I can only fathom that in order to be the ladies' man Bond is known to be, you have to be more than just a face.

So there you have it: Connery was the whole enchilada. He could pull of the one-liners and the incompehensible stunts without it seeming over-acted and fake. He had the personality, and lest we forget, the accent. Whenever I think "Bond", he's the face that pops into my head. He is the Bond icon.

4 years, 2 months ago on Who Was The Best Bond?