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Our first priority has to be the restoration of our Oceans:


Regulate all fishing/stop pirate fishing/retrieve ghost nets/license and register all new nets with identifying markers and trackers.

Treat all Sewage

Pass global regulations against all dumping

Treat all ballast water(desalinate&clean resell)

Fund Reef Restoration/Protection

Cease Oil Drilling.

Prepare for Magnetic Pole shift

Develop fresh water hatcheries to share ocean fishing burden

Continue efforts to monitor stocks and set up global agency for information exchange

Co-ordinate all NGO's information on single platform

Redesign Oil Tankers /on board flotation and containment devices


I think that would help us all survive and stop this nonsense about Oil for energy needs it is more expensive then renewables and that is without factoring in the cost to the environment or health. So we need to stop telling the Big Lies and get on with it.@

1 year, 10 months ago on Help Us Shape a Vision for a Healthy Planet


@this is a good start a little late in coming but a happy day nonetheless, I would also suggest a platform for the integration of all research globally as the Oceans are very much inter related there are various stakeholders involved and they should be included and while this is not within the prevue  of this body it is something which could be started by simply creating the network platform.The other practical detail would be monitoring not only with surveys but also on going underwater cameras and hydrophones , I believe there are many out there already but not for the purpose of Marine health perhaps we could double down on some of this equipment.

1 year, 11 months ago on A Chance to Start Paying the Ocean Back