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I agree completely with the notion that he acts as a barometer for the offense. Perfect analogy.

Although you might be right, and his cold start might be a perception problem, more than a real thing, to me the issue is that I don't see much improvement in his overall game. I panic everytime he puts the ball in the floor and he keeps receiving the ball off screens way to far from the three point line, where he is not a threat. On the defensive end, he keeps jumping to contest shots and seems to continually foul mid range shots as a result. He is an awful, awful passer.

Belinelli, with his athletic limitations, has a much more polished game, at least on the offensive end, can create his own shot, is an excellent passer and is preety good attacking the rim off the dribble. He is a great addition and a much needed upgrade from Gary Neal.

Green is a very good system player, as you noted, so I can only hope the system gives him a chance to shoot open 3s at the rate he shot them last season.

As far as his own game, I would really like to see him improve on his weaknesses, although I'm not sure how much he can.

1 year, 3 months ago on Danny Green goes back in time to down Raptors


@denver3334 @ifaerman closest, although very different player, would be Kawhi. He is so good for his age. Has enormous potencial. He rarely makes mistakes and doesn't force shots.    So patient and has such a natural feel for the game. Needs to improve on his ball handling and passing ability, which are not bad, but far from Manu's. 

Green on the other hand needs to improve a lot on his ball handling skills to even be in the discussion. Right now, he is just a spot up shooter and a great defender. I feel Green lacks the assertiveness to be much better than he is right now, although I hope he improves on his weaknesses. I like him very much. 

Gary Neal is too small to be a starting shooting guard and is a liability on defense. I like him off the bench for some instant offense but he is not limited by Manu's minutes. If anything, Manu makes him a better player opening up the floor.

1 year, 8 months ago on Manu Shows His Value to the Spurs


I guess that if you can't even name right the guys that are supposedly replacing Manu, then it must not "be time".

1 year, 9 months ago on Manu Shows His Value to the Spurs


I really like the idea of bringing Ginobili from the start. I was just discussing how to make Parker relevant again, given how much he can be exploited when he doesn't guard Curry Vs. how little we can exploit Curry when he doesn't guard Parker. 

Maybe we can even try something like Miami did with whoever is guarding Nate going to screen LeBron and try to force a switch. Maybe we can force Curry to switch on Parker and make him play defence. 

I also thought of maybe Gary Neal, but he is no different than Parker on the defensive end.

In the end, what I really think we need is to shoot decent 3 point percentages. We shot 50% the first game, but horribly on the second with 23.8%. Simply not gonna happen if we shoot that bad, and we were in the game till the very end. 

1 year, 10 months ago on With the Warriors starting a pair of aces, it's time for Spurs to play their wild card


@JohanBeijer I agree about percentages. The Spurs' 3 point shooting was a joke yesterday, and they (mostly) didn't take bad 3s. If I remember correctly, their first made 3 came in the 3rd. 

Manu needs to get into some pick and rolls with Splitter or Diaw and force the defense to collapse to allow us to keep shooting from beyond the arc. That's what made the second unit productive during the season. Once we make some of those the defence will start to open up for some Tiago rolls or Diaw passes inside. We desperately need some good games from Splitter. 

1 year, 10 months ago on With the Warriors starting a pair of aces, it's time for Spurs to play their wild card