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Wonder how JT Miller feels about this. First the callout by AV and now no call up. 

I like this move. I know it was right when STL came onto the team, but when he played with Zucc they both seemed to get in each others way a little bit. If Nash and STL can get something going that would be a scary duo.

In before all the "this team lacks toughness" comments.

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Man I wish I was good enough to play in the NHL. Crap like that would never fly with me if I was on the ice if someone did that to my teammate. Its like a natural reaction to go after someone doing that. Even if the dude was bigger than me I wouldn't even care, have had to do that plenty of times in college.

Just glad he didn't make contact with his hand. Simmonds and the flyers are just a bunch of crybabies. Enjoy the 0-8-0 record at the garden, losers.

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