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If Conger were a better catcher than Iannetta overall, there would be no need for debate. However, I don't believe that Conger is better than Hester who is trapped in Salt Lake City. Let me preface my comments by saying I am an Iannetta supporter and was very disappointed when the Angels brain trust decided to part ways with Napoli. Many of Iannetta's "struggles" this season truly have little to do with him and more to do with a horrible pitching staff that are slow to the plate, throw wild and very inconsistent, and pay little attention to the runners at first. In fact, there was a recent game in which Hanson (I believe) was so bad at watching the runner and getting the ball to the plate, Iannetta had no chance or reason to try to throw the runner out. All of these stats appear to go against Chris and that is narrow thinking.


Last night's 3 error game by Conger is more reflective of the type of catcher that he is. We have seen this effort many times from him including this last spring when he was horrible with the baseball. Yes, it is spring training, but look back further and it is apparent why he does not deserve starter consideration let alone a backup role on a "contending" team.  It is easy to say that he frames pitches better when he is catching the "best" pitcher the Angels are running out there. He is not nearly as solid as Chris behind the plate, or at the plate for that matter, and heaven forbid something happen to Iannetta, because more games would show us the true disaster Conger is behind the plate.


Scioscia babbles on and on about building chemistry with the pitching staff and yet catcher is the one position in which he never lets anyone get in a groove. He sites night/day games, extra innings etc. as reasons to mix things up. He has always done this and it has hurt everyone. While I was just a young kid, I seem to remember the likes of Terry Humphrey, Brian Downing, Bob Boone and the like catching practically every  night, so why can't Scioscia just pick and stick to one guy? The Angels re-signed Iannetta to a mulit-year deal for a reason. They had the opportunity to let Conger take over and knew better. Now is the time to look at the loss in Houston and understand that Hank is not the answer. Perhaps it may also be time to admit that Butcher and possibly even Scioscia are not the answer for this team as well.



1 year, 11 months ago on A new catcher controversy in Anaheim?