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Its only one game but Diaz made as good a case as any to be first line PP on the point instead of Richards....I have said all along i hate forwards on the point...i want two blue liners back there with big shots who are used to handling the puck on the blue line. A quiet little trade at deadline time could pay massive dividends to this team...

3 weeks, 3 days ago on


This is still a team in search of an identity, poorly constructed from a chemistry standpoint, which is vital to success in the NHL. Quite honestly, Rick Nash is a shell of his former self, choosing to try to poke check at the puck in vital battles as he protects his head and his career. I don't think i have ever seen Stepan angry in a game. Lots of skill, certainly. Lots of character, hardly. The shake up has to come in the off season as big time decisions need to be made about people like Nash, Richards, Staal (not the same player following head injury much like Nash), and a few others. Night in and night out Zuc, Hagelin (the goals will come...), Mcdonagh and even Boyle put out 100% and really seem to care and show emotion while others play hockey, yes, and cash a check. No Chemistry right now and no leader to rally around. Someone needs the "C" out there. F it on MSL's jersey tomorrow as, while he isn't clicking right now, we know he cares.

1 month ago on Sharks 1, Rangers 0