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 @monkeywithahalo Actually they can and should fire the GM.  So far Dipoto is looking like Reagins 2.0.  He mortgaged our farm system for a murder's row, using pitching as currency.  Then, his idea of rebuilding the bullpen is by going with guys who are injury prone (one who still has yet to pitch this season).  Apparently, he must have taken the nickname JeDi seriously and believed he can use the force to heal his pitching staff or use Jedi mind tricks to have us believe it's Scioscia's fault.  Moreno needs to find a Billy Bean who can find value on the trade market where no one is looking and draft using that same ability.  Either that or he things Butcher is a miracle worker.


Hamilton's pressing because he's a head case; Albert's pressing because of his bad foot; Trumbo's issues were a direct response to the HR Derby screwing up his mechanics; Trout's just going through a little sophomore slump.  Even with that said, our hitting is not the issue.  It is the pitching first and foremost the problem.  Just look at how many leads the bullpen has blown.  No matter who Scioscia throws out there, it's inevitable with the talent (or lack there of) we have. 


Now, do I believe we will be better off if Scioscia moves on...yes.  Dipoto has castrated him in the clubhouse and he's pretty much lost the locker room.  Where ever Scioscia lands, he will be successful.  Unfortunately, that wont solve the Dipoto problem.

1 year, 11 months ago on The time is now for Scioscia and the Angels to part


Stupidest article I've ever read. 

-Firing Scioscia mid-season will be as good for the Angles as Firing Mike Brown was for the Lakers.  Whoever the Angels hire will be as our D'antoni; or even worse Bobby Valentine.

-The reason the Angels aren't running is because he is handcuffed.  Dipoto adheres to the moneyball philosophy of not wasting outs by getting caught stealing/being too aggressive on the base-paths.  Remember that Scioscia's power to make decisions has been reined in.

-It was Dipoto, not Scioscia, who sent the U-Hall full of money to Josh Hamilton's house instead of Grenkie's.

-Dipoto signed Blanton, Hanson, and "rebuilt" the bullpen with pitchers that were known to be injury prone.

-Scioscia did not call the bunt by JB in yesterday's game.  You can tell by the flames coming out of his ears when the camera panned to him.

-The only thing Scioscia has been guilty of is tinkering too much with a pitching staff that was inept to begin with and being too loyal to his coaching staff.


Here's a more convincing article on why Scioscia and the angels should part ways.

1 year, 11 months ago on The time is now for Scioscia and the Angels to part