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The 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance passed by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners has been pretty well laughed at and mocked as worthless and juvenile by many comments because commenters believe they have no authority to uphold it. Which would certainly be a David and Goliath type scenario if it came to its logical conclusion. And I do agree that the States should develop some ability to manage without the aid of the Federal Government's many programs and monies whether they make such a stand or not. But it doesn't seem likely considering the nature of today's culture considering financial handouts. Its always line up with hands out whether you need it or not. But rather than make fun or mock them for this action you might think of it in different terms. The counties within the states are sending a message that they do not approve and will take some measures to stop the Federal Government from disarming the citizens of that county. Even if you find this pitiful and funny, you must see that if the majority of the counties within each state passed similar ordinances the message would be something to ponder. I don't believe the Obama Administration is ready to open fire on us (American citizens)... yet. Or to become involved in a 'take over' of each state, whether with military involvement or using the threat of denying Federal money to gain control and force their will upon the states. I don't believe they are ready to send in appointed governors, police etc now. The more counties and states making this statement regardless of their ability to follow through is still an important message. We are still a very large nation with many places to search for resisters. That would cost money, oh I forgot this administration would just make more, money and cost mean nothing to them. But to use militarily force against each state to conform to the will of the administration isn't something their ready to do yet. As mentioned in the The Crisis of Day by ret sheriff Richard Mack in his Supreme Court ruling - the Supreme Court has alright ruled on the state's sovereignty. I realize to this administation that means nothing, only his personal will is the goal. I believe if all or the majority of the states passed a similar legislation with stronger language it would send a message. It has to begin with one and then each additional makes the message stronger. It would make their voice heard. And as each one makes the step it would be heard by the other states not yet committed. I don't see this as futile, stupid or funny. Again, I do think the language should be stronger. But a history, political science or law class is not necessarily what is needed in our comments. I think real solutions should be discussed if there are any. And getting stuck in the court system wouldn't help our situation. That is just what the Obama Administration would want to create a dire need for his take over. Many a history lesson is a good place to start. How could a tyrantical force as strong as the American federal government be faced down? The states need unified and the ability to communicate and support that obviously the elected officals can't provide - most of them would sell their own children for a vacation to Cancun. Our safery and protection is not within their understanding. So what do we do, lay down and smile - act like being a slave is fun? I still think doing what they are doing is something every state needs to do to communicate. I have to say again that the elected officials do not represent the beliefs and desires of the residents of the state they were elected from , they are just the lesser of two evil people. ... maybe.

1 year, 11 months ago on Franklin County, Indiana Passes 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance