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My favorite part about  this whole thing is Neil Johnston was on such a bad team that his teammates must have totaled roughly -3.3 win shares. 

2 years, 8 months ago on The Lost MVPs: The 1952-53 Season


As someone who's watched Dalembert for most of his career, I can attest that he is a very good rebounder. When he and Reggie Evans were teammates with the Sixers, they used to try and steal rebounds from each other on a regular basis, which amused me. He's not the best with his positioning, a la Kevin love, but he uses those long arms to get himself the ball. The video shows him do that a few times.


I will point these negatives out, though: he will enrage you with his tendency to get called for 1-2 goaltends a game and generally be out of position as a help-defender. Also, he's a good guy but he had a questionable work ethic while in Philly, showing up late to practices and whatnot. So him playing only so many minutes a game despite his production is partially for that reason (the other main reason being his tendency to foul too much).

2 years, 9 months ago on On the Milwaukee Bucks, Samuel Dalembert, and Rebounding


I'm trying to think of a good Jrue pun for "overpaid" but I can't come up with anything. 

2 years, 9 months ago on Jrue Holiday: The Good And The Not So Good


Vooch looks like a ghost in the featured picture.


Just figured I'd make that observation, is all. /runs away

2 years, 10 months ago on Sixers Player Season Grades: The Night Shift


 @ajones12 Well said. I can't disagree.

2 years, 11 months ago on Sixers-Bulls Game 3 Recap: Ugly But Beautiful


I think it's funny that this is the exact same argument debated over by Warriors fans for years.


I'd take Jennings over Ellis if I had to choose between the two. And I know it's unlikely to be agreed upon, but Monta Ellis would be a heck of a sixth man if you kept Jennings. Play them less together, you get fewer defensive problems. You just need a big guard to put besides Brandon. Maybe Livingston?

3 years ago on Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis?


I've already looped it continuously. The baseline view was just marvelous.

3 years ago on Fawning over Manu Ginobili


 @FromRussiaWDunk Well, no one on the Sixers really comes up with big plays this year. Lou just happened to be a complete liability on defense, and because we had Iguodala covering Deron, Lou was forced to defend bigger players.There's a reason the Nets scored 32 in the fourth quarter - they took advantage of that.

3 years ago on Nets-Sixers Recap: Horribility


It's true that they don't have a closer and likely won't find one on the roster any time soon. It's also true that they've come crashing down to earth recently, although that's mostly because the team has practically tuned out their coach, and not because they were never good to begin with.


However, the buzz over the early season record was more because of the point differential than anything - they absolutely destroyed bad teams to the point where they led the league, better than any team, halfway through the season. Point differential is typically a better predictor (that is, there's more correlation) of future success than current record. Even at this point, they're a very solid fifth. If anything, had they been able to improve their record in close games (which lots of that is luck, though late-game execution on both ends of the court for this team is atrocious and the difference is much more than luck) they could have been even better than 20-9.  


So I disagree with the premise that they were never that good. But you are right that they lack a go-to scorer.

3 years ago on The Rise And Fall Of The 76ers


 @DncBautista Would you mind explaining why? Or are you just going to hurl insults?

3 years, 1 month ago on Trades That Make (Sixer) Sense: Kevin Martin


@lamar With Jrue, I've written what you talked about before - he obviously has a lot to handle. And his poor defense was really a result of trying to stay on the floor - he has all the tools to be a fantastic defender, but ryies to avoid fouling.

In other words, I think you're right on the Jrue point, other than that he is currently above-average. I'd disagree - the numbers speak for themselves. Still below average for a PG.

As for Turner, I'm skeptical that he could have improved his shooting too much to make a difference in the lineup. Starting him and "throwing him in the water" aren't the same thing for me. Playing him a consistent amount of minutes and giving him a prominent role will serve the same purpose, except that he would be in a better position to succeed (that is, he can play with people that will play well with him). We know that with Meeks in the lineup, the team is significantly better than without him, so why mess with that. You can still develop Turner and, if he succeeds, then expand his role. That's the path I'd take.

3 years, 4 months ago on Holiday-Turner-Iguodala: Why?


Most teams don't play on Thursdays - that's TNT's national games day, and almost no teams but the featured ones play on Thursday.

3 years, 6 months ago on Sixers On This Day Of The Week: Friday


Your argument is limited in that you use simple field goal percentage to evaluate Ray Allen, Nash, and Kobe. Kobe doesn't fit into this like Allen and Nash, but Allen and Nash hit an extraordinary amount of their three-pointers. I mentioned his eFG% and how it is calculated. Here are their ratings:

Nash Career: 55.5%

Ray Allen Career: 52.8%

Kobe Career: 48.8%

AI Career: 45.2%

Now, I don't know how I'd argue for Nash and Ray Allen versus AI, but using only their field goal percentages just isn't a good argument.

Also, when you have the ball in your hands all the time, it's not that difficult to understand how he gets that many points and assists. It's very impressive, sure, but it's not a mark of the best player w/o knowing his percentages or his team's performance with him on the floor vs off the floor.

Meanwhile, my argument that Iverson wasn't ever the best player at one time was rooted not in how good he was at any point but how good some of his competition was. For example, Shaq was in his prime and dominating during Iverson's hey-day. Shaq won three consecutive titles while leading the Lakers (and yes, he had Kobe, and I acknowledge that) and was almost unstoppable. He even beat AI's team. And Iverson's teams only made the finals once - you can argue that he had horrible teammates, but he only got them there once, when they eventually got flattened. Then there's Garnett and Duncan around the same time - Garnett didn't win a title until much later, but Duncan led 4 championship teams during Iverson's prime.

I try to be objective when writing these things. I absolutely loved watching AI play, but saying he was the best at any one point would be factually wrong, imo.

3 years, 6 months ago on 2. Allen Iverson


@AnaheimAmigos It's really the last 29, as this coming year, assuming it happens, will be the 30th since the championship year of 1982-83. So anyone who did not play on the title team is not on this list. So that knocks out quite a few players - Jones, Chocolate Thunder, and Steve Mix missed it because they left after the 1981-82 season. Doug Collins missed it by two. I figured that I'd make the cutoff the title team, since that's what the list was based off of.

3 years, 6 months ago on Who's Number 1? Find out! Tomorrow.


I don't necessarily agree with the analysis, but it's an interesting look at where Dr. J would rank among the all-time greats.

Much of his greatness came from competing against inferior talent in the ABA, though I'd agree he was the greatest player in that league. He pretty much carried the ABA when he was there, though, and you can argue that his time there ultimately hurt his NBA numbers, which, while great and HoF worthy, fall behind many of the all-time greats. He did help the Sixers win an NBA title in an era where only a few elite teams competed for one. But his numbers and number of titles (1 NBA, 2 ABA) fall behind the general all-time greats, though you can also argue that his teammates were inferior for the most part.

I'd argue that he could be a top 10 player, definitely top 15 in ABA/NBA. But more than that I think is a stretch. Just my opinion.

3 years, 7 months ago on Julius Erving The Best Player In History?


@chewycheese1313 I'm going to mention this on the next installment. /tryingtobuildsuspense /attemptfailed

3 years, 9 months ago on Reasons for Staying Home