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Your comment about so many people our age "giving up and giving in" really rang true with me. I see it every day, I here it in peoples voices when they say "you rode how many miles ?", I see it on their faces when I say, "I race bicycles". I feel proud when I line up on the start line with a bunch of other "old guys" and we start ahead of the kids. Of course many of those kids go blowing past me after the start, but I am out thereĀ  doing it. Keep up the great work on the bike and with your writing. I enjoy your columns.

1 year, 10 months ago on Happy to be Riding: A Column by Lee Waldman


Good read as always Lee. You got me thinking, I have followed the opposite path, pretty much hung up the mountain bike and have ridden the road bike almost exclusively the last few years. When cross season rolls around I start riding my cx bike in the dirt, but until then it's all pavement. Not sure I can put it into words but when I think "ride" I think road ride. But really the truth is we are all bike riders (as aj2271 noted), we ride bikes, all kinds of bikes. And they are all a blast.

3 years, 5 months ago on Transitions: A Column By Lee Waldman