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Lee, so sorry to hear about this awful accident. Here is to a speedy and full recovery. Your writing has always been a great read for me, I can really relate as I am your age. You always speak from the view point of my generation. I am sending good thoughts and the best wishes for your complete recovery. I hope to line up next to you at the Nationals one of these years, so get well and get out there and ride. 

Ric Kellen

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Lee Waldman, Member of the Cyclocross Magazine Family, Among Holiday Weekend Accidents


Your comment about so many people our age "giving up and giving in" really rang true with me. I see it every day, I here it in peoples voices when they say "you rode how many miles ?", I see it on their faces when I say, "I race bicycles". I feel proud when I line up on the start line with a bunch of other "old guys" and we start ahead of the kids. Of course many of those kids go blowing past me after the start, but I am out there  doing it. Keep up the great work on the bike and with your writing. I enjoy your columns.

2 years, 2 months ago on Happy to be Riding: A Column by Lee Waldman


Good read as always Lee. You got me thinking, I have followed the opposite path, pretty much hung up the mountain bike and have ridden the road bike almost exclusively the last few years. When cross season rolls around I start riding my cx bike in the dirt, but until then it's all pavement. Not sure I can put it into words but when I think "ride" I think road ride. But really the truth is we are all bike riders (as aj2271 noted), we ride bikes, all kinds of bikes. And they are all a blast.

3 years, 9 months ago on Transitions: A Column By Lee Waldman