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Hi Bing, went to try the Jeong Hin buns- it just came out of the oven when we arrive - OMG, the smell is so good, I though i died and went to heaven. Also tried the Inanam business centre's fish noodle - but wasn't impressed. The salted vegetable soup is diluted and doesn't have much taste. I personally like the on at 6th Floor wsma merdeka better :)) Wishing you a great week ahead- whatever you are up to :))

3 years, 9 months ago on 43 Food You Must Not Miss In Kota Kinabalu (Ultimate Guide to KK Food™ ver 2.0)


Hi Bing, looked at your 43 food, I have not really try most of the things in inanam/Kolombong side, will try to find them during the weekends. You have not listed the tomyam in Seng Heng Sinsuran, or the nasi ayam in Lido (the old shop row at the side of the fish market - somewhere towards the middle, after the corner shop where senior citizens hang out to play chinese chess :)). Lido also has nice laksa penang. Kuching laksa in Taman cantek. The roast-pork in Sincere kopitiam near chiu-tai-seng supermarket, the crabs at Lucky restaurant, as well as the fried pork konlo-mein in fohsang- check them out :))

3 years, 9 months ago on Top 15 Best Food at Kota Kinabalu (Ultimate Guide to KK Food™)